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brianc culture states: Do not accept the roles that society foists on you. Re-create yourself by forging a new identity, one that commands attention and never bores the audience. Be the master of your own image rather than letting others define it for you. Incorporate dramatic devices into your public gestures & actions - your power will be enhanced & your character will seem larger than life.

星期日, 5月 20, 2007

This Blog will tentatively be closed...

My new blog add:

星期六, 5月 19, 2007


I was off to Kota Tinggi riding for two days... Clocked a well 170 ++ kilometers for just two days, and

if only the road conditions was a flat one, things will be more easy but it was FULL of grulling climbs. Boy did I enjoy myself!!!

The food was GREAT, we had a wonderful 8 dishes dinner with shark fins, supper was grilled satay, laksa, beer, fried noodles~ Brekfast was again super meal....

星期一, 5月 14, 2007

The Ying & Yang Hair-do

Hehe, sorry for taking the picture even without asking for the owner's consent. But this is one of the cutiest and creative hair-do I had ever seen for a long long time, and this really top of the chart for 2007!

I wondered how the turn out will be if I do the similiar dye but yellow and red instead... hehehe~

Shack-a-leg RIDE

Rain began to fall before the ride. My eyes were shocked and the heart was dropped for the entire week of anticipation was gone with the tiny drops of water falling outside the shelter...

But what do you know? The garangs still made all their way together despite of downpour to once again gather for a sweet ride. We prayed hard for the sky to be cleared so we can ride to our hearts' content. Our words were heard!

The night was long and the more we rode into the vast roads of the night. Very soon, not even I had noticed, we reached Changi V. And of course later was another sweet ride back home in Bt Batok~ Shiok when the whole leg cannot move the following day.... hehehe

星期日, 5月 13, 2007

Well, BLOGSPOT went bongbong again~ Posting will be delayed.

Anyway, the adventures of my life continues on:

1. Strange scenes at MRT.
2. My weekend ride (again)

星期二, 5月 08, 2007

Let me tell you a story...

"Casper was racing in the World Tour Cycling Championship held once in every 10 years with racers from all great times. And just when he was about to ride pass the winning line, he was caught with his wheels brushing off an ant along the sidewalk thus he was dis-qualified from his no.1 Winning Title for an atempt to hurt that ant. Later he was screwed upside down by his team manager & this really sadden him..."


Well looks who's blogging this miserable story, Casper is one BIG time idoit for ok stop here....

星期一, 5月 07, 2007

The Old Man thats Lies Under My Block

It's the second time I see this old man on the same bench under my block, it doesn't seems normal because I had seen him in the morning when I was up for my jog around 7am, and now 6pm he's still lying there! Is he not die, ain't him?

Very slowly I lean myself over and took a look at him, he turned around and asked me what do I want? I was competely shock out by him, but still managed to recollect myself to pop him the question: "Ah uncle, why you lying here?" OMG, his eyes turned red all of the sudden and said he was CHASED out by his wife!

Thinking that I landed myself in a totally odd situation, I might can't pull myself out of this pathetic situation of his. I went to the nearby 7-11 and buy him a bun plus a warm kopi from the kopitiam beside it.

He told me not to worry about him as this was ain't his first time being chased out, being sort of in a hurry myself, I left... Humph, luckily when I returned home that night he wasn't there anymore, change of bench or might be at home??? Who knows???

For a moment, come to think if one day I turned old and ganna DUMPed on the public place, will there be any kind soul to at least buy me a cup of milo?

Oh yes, woman nowadays so much Power!

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